• Our Strategic Planning Facilitation is based on The Petra Process™


  • The process helps Business Leaders and their Teams scale quickly but not recklessly

  • We integrate processes based on the Rockefeller Habits and the Scaling Up Operating System

  • The process is applied through every layer of the business over time and helps businesses break through the limitations of self-implementation 

We use this time to better understand your orginization, team members, curent needs, and to communicate expectations.

During your Full-Day Kickoff, we will meet with the Executive and  Leadership Teams going over strategy & execution exercises


Each of the leaders will receive multiple check-ins from your coach to make sure everyone stays aligned and on track towards the goal.


We will review the current performance, long & short term goals, and create company and individuals priorities for the next period


Leaders will continue to receive multiple check-ins plus personalized training cirriculum to mazimize his or her performance.

We use this time to better understand your orginization and it's needs, and communicate expectations for the next year.