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Predictable Sales

Sales is a process of transmitting trust that is achieved through a well-structured and uniform language, and the alignment of all commercial executives. 

The Predictable Sales System supports the commercial area with tools to assertively lead its team, through a playbook focused on developing preparation habits, handling objections, and continuous improvement exercises, both for leaders and for the commercial team.


Differentiation by Service

Companies seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors by the level of service offered to get out of the competition focused on price and product features. 

When everyone in the organization seeks to exceed internal and external customer expectations, a change in culture is achieved that impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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High Impact Talent

The team is the key to success. To deal with the growth dynamics of a company, it is necessary that the collaborators are aligned with the core values, and that through performance evaluations an Individual Development Plan (PDI) is generated that allows the development of technical skills and soft; relevant to the goals of the organization. 

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Cash Flow

Avia's Cash Flow management model is supported by simplicity in finance to identify tools that stimulate liquidity. Avia supports you to transform your financial information into something simple to interpret that allows you to make decisions focused on improving the operational flow of your company.

We are firm believers that when a growing company does not have the liquidity to continue, the solution can be within the same company. Everyone in the company must understand that the liquidity of the organization is not the responsibility of Finance or Accounting, each of the actions that we do in the different departments directly impacts liquidity.