What is WHY.os Certification?

WHY.os Certification is the process of officially adding the WHY, HOW, and WHAT to your coaching tool belt. You will go through an in-depth training course on the WHY, HOW and WHAT so that you can discover, interpret, and move forward with your client’s results.

Better – Clear – Simple

  • Better Process – Discover any client’s WHY in five minutes.
  • Clear Results – Understand the characteristics & challenges that come with each WHY to help recognize strengths and patterns that will lead to success.
  • Simple to Use – Use this process anywhere, anytime to quickly connect and move clients forward.

Exclusive Perks and Benefits

  • An individualized WHY.os Certified Dashboard with all your WHY results automatically uploaded and tracked.
  • Access to have the WHY Discovery for $25/Discovery.
  • Self Paced WHY Discovery online training.
  • Self Paced Personal WHY.os online training.
  • An Exclusive, monthly newsletter for WHY.os Certified professionals with cutting-edge tips, tricks and coaching you can use in your practice.
  • Monthly WHY.os Certified Community calls to connect, network and learn with other WHY.os Certified Professionals.

Course Details

  • The training includes a dynamic mix of presentations, activities and discussions centered on utilizing WHY Institute tools and applying them to business and individual use.
  • You will be equipped to help others reach a new level of self-awareness through the WHY Discovery tool. Additionally, you will be trained to help individuals Discover Their Personal WHY.os (WHY+HOW+WHAT) and apply it to their lives and businesses.
  • You will learn to interpret the WHY Discovery and Personal WHY.os results and provide additional information to enhance your clients’ productivity, communication and performance.
  • Upon course completion, you also get access to your personalized dashboard with greatly discounted WHY Discoveries and all of your clients’ results in one spot that you can easily access whenever, wherever!

Frequently Asked Questions

The WHY.os Certification course is offered as a self paced online training. The more intentional you are within the course the longer it may take but the more resourceful it will be. It typically takes 10-20 hours to complete the course.

We also offer a live WHY.os Certification 2 Day Workshop for $5,500. Please reach out if you would prefer to get certified live with one of our team members.

Yes of course! It is worth getting in touch to see if it is mutually beneficial!  We are seeking coaches that want to coach on the highest level, and who are looking to move their clients forward faster so that they can have a bigger impact than ever before.

After the first year of being Certified, you must complete 9 continuing education units (CEUs) to stay Certified. These can be done by attending online webinars or by attending WHY Institute’s annual conference.

You are free to price your services in the way that makes the most sense for your particular business model.

Our most successful Certified Professionals  use their backgrounds and expertise to serve their clients. They then integrate WHY Institute’s offerings into the solutions they offer to prospects and clients. Once Certified, you will have access to training and materials on how to generate leads and present WHY Institute to your prospects and clients.

In addition to the initial Certification cost, WHY Institute Annual Membership renewal is $995. Annual Membership includes use of WHY Institute Certified Logo and marketing collateral, access to your WHY.os Dashboard with supplemental coaching and consulting materials and access to live and on-demand training. We want to help you grow your current business and to utilize the WHY Discovery for further growth at your own pace. With that the WHY Institute does not require WHY.os Certified individuals to purchase a certain amount of product or generate a certain amount in revenue each year.

** If certified in 2020 the annual membership cost is waived for 2021**

Not directly. WHY Institute has a page on their website that will direct users and clients to a directory of all WHY.os Certified Individuals where they will get; first name, last name, email, and business information.

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